The Worst! Tomorrow!

August 5, 2012

The Worst! Tomorrow!

Are your Mondays just feeling a little too Monday-ish? Well allow us to change that by starting your work week off by coming to The Worst! tomorrow night at Goodbye Blue Monday!

What’s The Worst!? You might be asking, and why would I want to attend anything that’s already telling me it’s The Worst!? Well cool your jets, little buddy, and stop jumping to conclusions. Here’s a little info on The Worst!:

The Worst! is a hilarious evening of writers, musicians, and other weirdos telling stories about the worst jobs, roommates, and dates they’ve ever had. The Worst! started on March 29, 2012 in California by Cassie J. Sneider, author of Fine Fine Music, storyteller, and dare I say it, rock and roll legend. It’s back this time in good ole New York, with even more stories from even more stellar people:

Cassie J. Sneider (the adorable author of Fine Fine Music)
Andy Animal (the heavenly voice of Stalkers)
William Benton (guitarist for The Phantom Family Halo)
Topher Gross (stylist to the stars)

That’s right, I’ll be joining this lineup of talented, beautiful people (no, I’m not sure how I managed to wriggle my way into this one) for a night of laughter, love and, hopefully not but maybe just a little lice. Come, listen! Laugh! Enjoy! What’s The Worst! that could happen?!

The Worst! is taking place at Goodbye Blue Monday, 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 112211 tomorrow night (Monday, 8/6 at 8 PM. For any further info, feel free to message me.)