It’s Always Overcast in Philadelphia

September 29, 2011

Dear Philly,

This is my second (maybe third?) time inside you, and I still can’t say that anything has changed between us. I just don’t feel that way about you. I’d be remiss if I were to say I ever have.  I don’t like the effort I have to put in to be with you, while you just lay there, motionless and effortless, waiting for me to arrive. I dig that we’re into the same types of music.  I like the food you make me. I appreciate your existence – but love is something I don’t see in our future. We don’t see eye to eye on sports or attitudes. I don’t like that you try to show of your “toughness” as if I don’t know what that’s like. As if my Bronx – Yonkers upbringing can’t match to your tough exterior. I don’t like the assumptions you make about me. And most of all, the distance between us is just too far for such minimal excitement you bring me. We’ve had some good times, sure. But we’ve  had some bad ones, too. And in the end, I just know what’s best for me. Thank you for housing and naming two of my favorite sitcoms – but beyond that, if I don’t have to be in you again anytime soon – I’m a-ok with that.

Best wishes (and please don’t take this too personally),



PS: Maybe I’ll catch you again for Winter Classic.


PPS: This is the other sitcom I was talking about.







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