The most thoughtful conversation I’ve had to date…

August 3, 2011

xiceman36x (11:02): hi.
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:02) hey
xiceman36x (11:02): Hey what’s up? 23/F here. u?
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:02) um. same…..
xiceman36x (11:02): Hmm. Have we chatted before?
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:02) not that i can recall
xiceman36x (11:02): Oh ok. I wasn’t sure. Anyways… Whats up?
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:02) not much   u?
xiceman36x (11:03): Oh Im like sooo bored. Theres nothing to do.
Ohhh wait. I got a idea. Have you ever watched a girl strip on cam? :-X
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:03) oh hahaha
damn and here i thought i was making a new friend
xiceman36x (11:04): Welllllll…. Do you wanna watch me strip on cam? 😉
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:04) eh, in a world where pornography is so readily and easily available even on free sites the allure of watching a girl strip for a webcam almost seems a thing of the past. I mean, it could be interesting for nostalgia’s sake. but i could also just go on tumblr and avoid the awkwardness of faking polite conversation.
xiceman36x (11:05): Yeah? Ok you have to signup through this website that my cam is linked trhough so i cant be recorded ok?
It only takes a second babe and its free. k?
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:05) I gather that you didn’t even really take the time to read what i wrote before
that kinda hurts
xiceman36x (11:06): http://access.im/1/natali go there then at the top click on the goId JOlN FREE button ok?
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:06): i mean, it’s not right to call me “babe” if you’re not going to be considerate and actually understand where I’m coming from.
xiceman36x (11:06): Also it does ask for a credit card when you signup. But DONT worry
It dosent charge the card at all. Not even a penny. Its just to make sure your over 18. k?
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:06):  well, that’s unfortunate for anyone over 18 without a credit card who gets their thrills from naked webcam girls
xiceman36x (11:07): K babe well hurry up. When you get logged in then view my cam and we can have some fun :-X
I also have some toys ;-X but you have to tip me some gold or take me in private to see those.
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:07): but, how can you really know if I’m having fun? It’s only a one-way mirror since I don’t have a webcam on my computer
xiceman36x (11:08): Hey lets talk on there my aim is messing up.
eL sCoRcHo226 (11:08): I never agreed to go on there :-/
i’m assuming by your silence you’re already on to the next person
it’s sad really
i feel like we both walk away from this never really understanding where the other came from
so many questions left unanswered
so many mixed emotions
but alas, until next time iceman 36
may our roads diverge as one someday. and may you prosper in your endeavors. mainly scamming suckers out of money for a few nip slips.
to each his own – farewell!


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