Action Score

January 17, 2011

Another old piece I found, an action score I worked on for aforementioned playwriting class. The main gist of this exercise was to create a short play focused more on action than words. The actions can be small, but present. Another idea used was that the stage can be whatever you want it to be, not limited to just a traditional “stage” setting. As well as the idea that an audience can be a part of a performance.  We had about 30 minutes – an hour to work on this. Again, something small and just a practice-work, but I’m proud of it nonetheless.

ACTION SCORE   2/12/09

There is a party, a fancy, upscale party with well-overdressed people. The party can consist of anywhere from 9-10 people to somewhere upward of 45 depending on how exclusive the party is. Depending on the exclusiveness of the party, there may be a man handing out top hats to a select few members of the audience who will be admitted into the party. Audience members will then be encouraged to leave their seats and attend the party. The party itself will take place in what appears to be a giant upside-down top hat. There should be a door at the bottom (top) of the hat that will open randomly throughout the course of the play, giving the audience glimpses of the party. The brim of the hat will serve as a sort of terrace. Everyone save for three people will be wearing hats. The three people without hats stand on the “terrace” sipping champagne. There should be what seem to be endless amounts of champagne in their respective glasses. The individuals are two men and one woman, however, there can be any grouping of three, as long as there is at least one man and one woman. If there happen to be all men, then substitute “dress” for “hat.” If all women, substitute “hat” for “gloves,” “necklace,” “dress,” etc. Muffled music can be heard from the party below.


Well-Dressed Man 1  (M1)

Well Dressed Man 2  (M2)

Should-be-more-Well-Dressed Woman  (W)

M1. (Takes a sip from his glass) Lovely night.

M2. (Raises his glass.)  Lovely party.

W: (Looks down at party-goers) Quite.

M1. (Sips drink) Excellent champagne.

M2. (Raises glass) Excellent décor.

W. (Looks down again) Quite.

M1. (Sips drink)  If only my brother were here to see this.

M2. (Raises glass)  How is your brother?

M1. (Pauses, then sips drink)  Dead.

M2.  (Raises glass slightly lower than before)  Sad.

W. (Looks down)  Quite.

M1. (Sips drink) Where is your hat?

W. (Looks down)  I am afraid of heights.

The two men act as if they do not hear her speaking.

M2. (Raises glass outward, as if pointing) Flew off.

M1. Sad. (sips drink)

W. Quite. (Looks down)

M2. (Raises glass in direction of Man 1’s head) Where is yours?

M1. (Pauses) Lost. (Sips drink).

M2. (Raises glass slightly lower again) Sad.

W. (Looks down. Wobbles.) Q-quite.

M1. (Sips drink longer than before and looks down) We can’t go down there you know.

M2. (Raises glass away from face) I know.

M1. (Looks at Woman.) Such a tacky dress. (Sips drink)

M2. Quite. (Raises glass)

The Woman seems to be unaffected by their words as she begins to wobble more than before.

M2. (Raises glass in direction of the Woman’s head) Maybe if she had a hat…

M1. I’ve none to give her. Mine’s lost. (Sips drink)

M2. Mine flew off. (Raises glass as if pointing)

The Woman wobbles back and forth before tumbling off the terrace/brim and into the party. The music stops. There is silence.


M2. (Raises glass low) Pity. And in that dress too.

M1. (Sips drink) Quite. (Sips again) If only my brother were here to see this.

M2. (Raises glass, as if to toast) To the dead!

The two men sip their drinks.



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