More Words Than I Know What to Do With…

September 1, 2010

So I decided that since I’m a college graduate, and currently only interning 2 days a week, I have nothing but free time. And since I have so much free time I should use it wisely – i.e. finishing up unfinished projects.  I opted to start on this by making a “writing checklist” of various writing projects that I’ve started but have yet to finish.


I have 4 separate notebooks that I’ve started different projects in. My checklist is up to 9-10 different projects.  And the problem isn’t having to finish them all, it’s where to begin. As I was browsing through my notebooks and looking at each unfinished piece, I was immediately transported back to what prompted each story/poem/free writing/screenplay/play/etc. and I knew what I had in mind, where I wanted to go with it, and where  I want to take it now. The tricky part is now choosing which one to start on. I have a tendency to get majorly ADD with writing and want to jump from one project to the next without finishing either, or just completely take a new leap and start something completely different.  So the task I have at hand isn’t not knowing where to go, or the number of projects I have, it’s just figuring out which one to start on and how to stay on track.

I’m excited to finish up or just get further along with all of these projects, it’s just the actual starting point that I have to get past. If anyone has any ideas, comments, suggestions, etc., all are welcome!!


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